The Nature Conservation Trust of NSW is a not-for-profit business committed to private land conservation. By combining the best science available and sound commercial skills we are protecting our special places, forever.

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We assist land owners to protect natural values on their own property.

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Landowner in focus

Meet Veronica Doerr, CSRIO scientist, and newest NCT landholder. Together with husband Eric she now is the proud owner of Siena, a magnificent 330 hectare property in southern NSW.

Landowner shares her Quolls

Margaret Ning and her partner Geoff Robertson own a property Garuwanga, near Nimmitabel, which they manage for conservation. Garuwanga is some 240ha consisting of grassland, grassy and shrubby woodland, riverine...

Events – World expert highlights the global significance of the GER

Harvey Locke, one of the pioneers of connectivity conservation, has described the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER) as one that will make, “a globally significant difference, as well as a difference in the lives and future of every Australian.”